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Helping Immigrants

Being an immigrant of 14 years originally from South Africa, we know how daunting it can be when you immigrate to a new country. We have been helping immigrants for more than 8 years now and have built up a large network.


Why use us?

You may have heard there is a standard format and cover letter, but in my experience this is not what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. These people expect that you have tailored your CV for their job. This means that for every job that you will be applying for, you need to tweak your CV and cover letter specific to that job. We can show you the best strategies and tips that will help you get the most out of these changes. This can be a full time job and very nerve wracking but we are here to help you through the process and make you feel more confident with your applications.

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We undertake to complete your CV as quick as possible depending on the package you choose.

Who we are

We have been involved with many migrants and others, in reviewing and rewriting their CV’s, to ensure they get the right job.

Your CV is an asset and investment you make to ensure a bright future and career path. Being able to write your own CV throughout your career with our unique coaching skills, can be both uplifting and a saving.

Following on with this, we have a large Network which we have built up over the years. This network has been pivotal in connecting migrants with others in the network that can help them find jobs.
Send us your CV and we will do a review for FREE.

What we do

Coaching you to enhance your own CV for every job application

In New Zealand, one CV does not fit all. Here you need to change your CV to match your skills and the positions you apply for. We can coach you to do this for every job you apply for.

One on One sessions to get your CV application ready

We provide one on one sessions at an arranged time to find out more about what you do and how we can best portray you in your CV and cover letter.

Introduction to our vast Network

Over the years we have built up a vast network. We will introduce you to people in this network that may be able to help you secure a job.

Introduction to the New Immigrants Network

We will introduce you to our New Immigrants Network in Auckland and Hamilton.

You have 17 seconds to make an impact!

Having the correct CV and the ability to change it up with every job application, can set you up for many years. Some people from certain countries have varied and more than one skill. We help you to identify these skills, creating more opportunities and jobs to apply for.

Our Process

We will arrange a time convenient to both of us to find out what you do. During this discussion we will find out your career history and ask relevant questions. This is all to build a great CV that tells the employee about yourself and your skills in the correct format. We will provide you with a questionnaire (package 1 and 2) so that we can draw up your CV for you or help you to draw up your own (package 3 & 4), so that you know in future how to present your CV for each job you apply for. During this time we will discuss the aspects of keywords and the importance of them, how to identify keywords and how this will help your CV be noticed. We will have further one on one discussion and numerous reviews, depending on the package you purchase.

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Send us your CV and we will review it for you for FREE.
We will provide you with honest feedback on your CV.

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