I’m felecia 

CV Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Hi, I’m Felecia and passionate about getting you the right CV to land you the perfect job. My mentoring will help you get a foot in the door and help you with your interviews.

My Story

I immigrated to New Zealand 14 years ago from South Africa.  Not only have I helped many local New Zealanders, over the years I have helped many immigrants to make their CV’s New Zealand ready.   It became apparent that some immigrants have a wide skill set and are fortunate to apply for multiple jobs.  Providing useful coaching methods to guide people with multiple skill sets to reach their ultimate goal of landing a job in New Zealand.   

My focus is helping, guiding and coaching new immigrants with finding jobs, supporting them through the challenging times when settling in a new country.

Being part of a wider immigrant network in New Zealand, has enabled me to be part of many immigrants transition and it has been enlightening and enriching.

My Values & Beliefs

Integrity and honesty

We will handle all clients with honesty and integrity to ensure that the experience with us is fulfilling.

Treating everyone equally

All our clients are treated equally and with respect.


All our clients will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

My Approach

My approach is one of a personal nature.  Helping you to write the perfect CV and cover letter to land you the perfect job.  How will we do this? Well, by showing you how and what is required to write your CV yourself.  By understanding what is needed, you will be able to create, change and enhance your CV from now on in.  I will provide you with the tools and know how to set you up.

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