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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers:
How will coaching me to write my own CV help me?

Providing you with the tools to be able to change up your CV to meet the criteria of the job advertised, will add to getting you a potential interview.  This will enable you to change up your CV for any career path you choose to follow. Our coaching methods are set in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Check out our testimonials page for some insight.

If I don't want coaching?

We have 2 packages that offer CV writing for you.  We will provide you with a questionnaire that you will fill out and if you have a previous CV, we will ask you to send that too. Taking all this into consideration for you to develop a CV  based on the information provided.  We may contact you via email, phone or skype to clarify some things.

I am not in New Zealand. How do you communicate?

We are used to working with people in other countries and for any of our one on one packages, we will either meet with you at our offices in Auckland or we will speak to your via email, phone or skype.

Are you an immigration agent?

No we are not.  We are unable to provide you any advice regarding immigration affairs.

Can you find me a job?

As we are not a recruitment agent, we are unable to secure a job for you. We may however, introduce you to some people in our network who may be able to assist.

I used your services. Can I share my CV with my family or friends? (Copyright)

All materials, documents and templates are copyrighted by Joblandr Limited. Any information that is provided to you as the client is in the strictest confidence and we strongly adhere to the NZ privacy laws.  If you purchase any of Joblandr services, you agree to not share or distribute any of the materials, documents or templates provided for reuse by friends, family or any other individual in any way including digital or hard copies by email, snippets, hand, social media or any other means.  Legal action may be taken against any individual or service provider who uses Joblandr Limited copyright materials for distribution, resale or reuse.  

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